Pa State Clearances
Pa State Police Criminal History Report
Pa Department of Human Services Certification
FBI Criminal History Report

Volunteer Affidavit


Required Paperwork for ALL Summer Counselors and Deans

Camp Check Out Form
Camper at Risk Form
Day Camp Check In - Out Form
Dean's Covenant
Dean's Evaluation
Dean's Expense Form
Dean & Volunteer Manual (Camp Guidelines & Policies)
Dean's Phone Expenses
Driver Disclosure Form
Incident/Accident Report Form
Medication Update Worksheet
Nurse's Professional Liability Disclosure
Out of Camp Activities
Permission to Travel/Participate
Pre-Camp Information
Program Evaluation Form
Site Director's Check List
Suspected Instances of Child Abuse Form
Volunteer Application & Certification
Checks and Child Abuse Clearances)

Volunteer Counselor Reconciliation Form
Volunteer Counselor Training Check List
Volunteer Disclosure & Release Form
Volunteer Medical Form
Volunteer Recommendation Form
Volunteer Roster/Tracking Sheet


Additional Training Resources